Turn bad timing into good timing.

Sometimes, life just happens. Unavoidable situations come up causing people that just filed bankruptcy also in need of a vehicle. Together, it's just a matter of bad timing. Fortunately, it's a good time for you to connect with BK Freedom and get a fresh start.

Here's how easy it is to finance your next vehicle:

  • Call the phone number on the invitation you received in the mail.
  • Give our team member your Select Customer # on the mail piece you received and answer some questions
  • A financial representative will call you to discuss your loan and new vehicle options

Important information for getting an auto loan during bankruptcy:

  • A small percentage of auto dealerships are knowledgeable and experienced in helping people who have filed for bankruptcy get an auto loan.
  • Only a small number of national finance companies provide auto loans to customers who are in an open or recently discharged bankruptcy.
  • Lenders consider both the "credit risk" of each customer and the "collateral risk" of each vehicle financed when making approvals.

Our participating dealerships specialize in bankruptcies and are ready to help you get into a new vehicle. They work closely with lenders that happily finance open and recently discharged bankruptcy customers. Plus, our participating dealerships offer a wide variety of popular makes and models for you to choose from. Even in these difficult circumstances, they'll help you find the vehicle that best meets the needs of both you and the lender.